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Sysadmin needed (fwd)

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Ismet Kursunoglu ibk@cyberverse.com Direct 310 546 4320 ... Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 10:43:25 -0700 From: Steve Wickert To:
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      Ismet Kursunoglu
      Direct 310 546 4320

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      Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 10:43:25 -0700
      From: Steve Wickert <wickert@...>
      To: Ismet Kursunoglu <ibk@...>
      Cc: wickert@...
      Subject: Sysadmin needed


      I've been attending your LUG meetings since moving to the area a few months ago
      (I don't know if that makes me an "official" member...).

      Anyway, we at Protein Pathways are in need of a full time sysadmin, and I'm
      wondering if you might know anyone who would fit our needs. We're looking for
      a "junior" sysadmin with some experience, but we don't need anyone too
      advanced. The responsibilities would be mostly routine, including day-to-day
      running of our network, backups, monitoring the logs, and some user support
      (mostly NT).

      We are a small but rapidly growing bioinformatics company in Westwood. Our
      network is mostly Linux and NT (we are planning to buy a Sun server in the
      immediate future), and we also have a 32-CPU Beowulf cluster. All together, we
      have about 50 machines (or so) on the network (not including Beowulf nodes).
      Our ISP is Cyberverse (we also have a fractional T1 which we plan to drop).

      The users are mostly scientists and software developers (most are various linear
      combinations of the above), so scientific experience would be a plus, but not
      necessary. Experience with Beowulfs and parallel computing would also be a
      plus, but not necessary (we'll train the person).

      So, if you happen to know of anyone who is available and fits the above
      description, please let me know.


      Steve Wickert
      Protein Pathways, Inc.
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