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[Fwd: IBM Developer Conference: Significant Linux Content!]

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  • Dan Kegel
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000
      event@... wrote:
      > No Limits: Building the Open e-business Universe ...with Linux
      > Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference
      > August 14-17, 2000, MGM Grand Conference Center
      > Las Vegas, Nevada USA
      > http://www-3.ibm.com/developer/solutionsevent/?c=s2k&loc=ugl&t=nl601
      > (Your name is listed as the contact for your Linux group. We thought that
      > your members would be interested in knowing about this IBM conference
      > because of it's heavy Linux content. But if you 'd like us to refrain from
      > sending you e-mails on this topic in the future, just send a reply e-mail
      > and use the word "remove" in the subject line. Otherwise, we respectfully
      > request that you consider posting the following information to your
      > website, include it in newsletters, or make an announcement at member
      > meetings. We can provide you an Advanced Program Guide and posters upon
      > request.)
      > Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conferences is built for developers
      > from small and large enterprises who are Web Solutions & Web Application
      > developers, IT Executives & Managers and Consultants, Technology Advocates
      > and opinion -makers, as well as Information Technology and MIS Managers who
      > need to know about integrated e-business solutions, standards-based
      > methodology and open technology.
      > Included in the regular conference registration is Pre-Conference Monday
      > where you can take advantage of more than 30 tutorials and hands-on-lab
      > sessions, including the following focused on Linux:
      > Leveraging Linux/Perl with DB2 Universal DB and IBM HTTP Server (Apache)
      > TurboLinux Technical Update and Using DB2 Universal Database on Linux
      > SuSE, Linux and S/390
      > Caldera OpenLinux/eBuilder Technical Update and Using WebSphere Application
      > Server, Linux
      > The Red Hat Linux Platform and Developing and Deploying e-commerce
      > Applications with IBM Middleware
      > We have many sessions during the remaining three days of the conference
      > that address the issues relevant to start ups, plus ways to help small to
      > large enterprises scale-up, including the IBM WebSphere family of
      > solutions. Starting on Tuesday, there will be more than 100 elective
      > sessions where you can learn in a knowledge-transfer type of environment
      > about:
      > Developing Web applications
      > Web-enabling your enterprise
      > Hosting and deploying Web applications
      > Commerce on the Web
      > Strategies, technologies and product updates
      > Of special interest to your Linux User Group would be the following
      > elective sessions:
      > IBM's Linux Strategy - 2000 and Beyond
      > Developing on Netfinity and Linux
      > Tips and Techniques for Developing/Deploying Cross Platform Web
      > Applications on Linux
      > Delivering Scaleable Heterogeneous e-business Environments with IBM
      > NUMACenter
      > And if you want the opportunity to document your technical expertise, the
      > Professional Certification Program from IBM will be offered on-site to test
      > your skills, including the new e-business Certification.
      > Come check out our CyberCentral conference information system that runs on
      > Linux and the IBM Network Station. The Solutions Pavilion will feature
      > more than 200 industry-wide exhibitors who will be demonstrating leading
      > e-business solutions. It's the place to see live what you hear in
      > classroom sessions, especially the following exhibits that focus on Linux:
      > Redhat
      > SuSe Linux
      > TurboLinux
      > Caldera OpenLinux
      > GNOME GNU/Linux Desktop & Development Platform
      > WebSphere Homepage Builder for Windows and Linux
      > IBM Software for Linux e-business in Action
      > Linux for S/390
      > Netfinity with Linux
      > ViaVoice for Linux
      > ...and more
      > Register before June 30, 2000 and you will receive a special Early Bird
      > Discount of $200 off the regular conference registration fee of $1195. Call
      > 1-800-628-5219 to reserve your place or +1-770-399-3174 (outside North
      > America). To get the latest information and confirm your attendance visit:
      > http://www-3.ibm.com/developer/solutionsevent/?c=s2k&loc=ugl&t=nl601
      > We hope to see you at the conference.
      > --------------------------------------------------
      > Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference
      > MGM Grand Conference Center
      > Las Vegas, NV
      > August 14-17, 2000

      Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
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