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Lilax Sat May 13th session->our new digs at eLinux

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    I am most pleased to announce that the next session of the Linuxatlax (Lilax) Linux user group will take place at the headquarters of eLinux (A division of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2000
      I am most pleased to announce that the next session of the Linuxatlax
      (Lilax) Linux user group will take place at the headquarters of eLinux
      (A division of Creative Computers, http://www.elinux.com ) located at

      Creative Computers
      2555 West
      190th Street
      Torrance, CA

      Sat May 13th beginning at 10 am and continuing to at least 3 pm (we might
      go on as needed to 5 pm) Please refer to
      for map links.

      The meeting will take place in the spacious downstairs conference center.
      There we will have comfortable seating, desks, a projection system
      with white-board as well as switched high-speed Internet access (via a
      drop from the main T3).

      We will have several servers running various distributions of Linux for
      our use. Access to the network will be via DHCP server so bring along some
      extra UTP patch cables as well as any of the software or hardware you
      think would be useful. (certainly extra power strips are always useful)

      This session will follow an open forum (after some preliminary
      administrative discussion). There will be several programmers at this
      session; one who has a keen interest in the Python scripting language- and
      others who are interested in discussing some new applications using
      Perl. I know that others have expressed interest in getting RAID array
      systems configured as well as other who have general configuration issues.

      As you like participants will be given the "floor" to go up to the podium
      and address the group with a spontaneous mini-tutorial or question,
      problem or observation etc... on whatever computing subject you think
      appropriate. During this time you are more than welcome to continue your
      work in smaller groups too and if needed address the whole group with any
      issues that develop.

      I would also like us to consider "simul-casting" this session over our
      groups IRC server (, #lilax, port 6667) so that our virtual
      members can also participate in the days events. This would also allow us
      to capture and share the screen / command-line input during the session as
      well as fielding questions/comments from members on the east coast and

      So please bring along your laptops, boxen, software, hardware etc... with
      your ideas and let's take the time to get use to our new surroundings over
      at eLinux/ Creative Computers. I am sure that we will find that the
      network access will really make the sessions far more productive.

      There is ample parking in front and to the side of the main building (with
      hundreds of spaces!). From there you would climb up the stairs to the main
      entrance. There will be a banner directing you to the elevators and the
      downstairs conference center.

      There are various vending machines with snacks and drinks at the center.

      If you have any special requests, ideas or would like to present something
      please let me know and I'll try to make it happen.

      all the best,


      PS, please pass this on to any list, group or others to whom you think
      this might be of interest

      Ismet Kursunoglu
      Direct 310 546 4320
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