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  • John Kawakami
    Hi all, I m the guy with the tapes. (Hey, John W. sorry I haven t responded - I m very busy this week.) I ll do this - I ll make one set that s two 2-hour
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 1999
      Hi all,

      I'm the guy with the tapes. (Hey, John W. sorry I haven't responded - I'm
      very busy this week.) I'll do this - I'll make one set that's two 2-hour
      tapes, and one that's a single 4-hour tape. That way, Clay will have
      something to work with. Clay - tell me where to deliver the tapes.

      I'm pretty busy, so this won't happen for a few days.

      I was originally planning to give the tapes to John W, but it'd be just as
      easy for me to make tapes right now.

      Oh yeah - the tapes are *crappy*, in case you're wondering. I'm not a pro
      or anything. I'm not even organized enough to set things up correctly.

      If anyone feels like they should compensate me for making these tapes, just
      drop by the SGVLUG and put a five dollar bill into the jar we use to pay
      for the projector.

      Did the videomaker at the USC event contact anyone? Just curious.

      John Kawakami johnk@...
      visit cyberjava at the corner of hollywood and la brea
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