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SGI Introduces Linux Version of IRIS PERFORMER

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 1999
      > For Immediate Release
      > Media Contact:
      > Anne Hohenberger, SGI
      > (650) 933-8242
      > entanne@...
      > SGI Introduces Linux Version of IRIS PERFORMER,
      > THE Industry-Leading Visual Simulation API
      > IRIS Performer 2.3, Real-Time Rendering Toolkit for Linux,
      > Available Free of Charge.
      > MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (November 30, 1999) - SGI (NYSE: SGI) today
      > announced the immediate availability of IRIS Performer(tm) 2.3 for Linux�,
      > a real-time rendering toolkit for Intel processor-based systems running
      > Linux. IRIS Performer is SGI's flagship high-performance graphics
      > software toolkit on IRIX�, and this additional version of the product on
      > Linux underscores the company's goal of driving graphics technology across
      > the full spectrum of pricepoints. Application developers can now harness
      > the capabilities of this leading scalable, interactive rendering toolkit
      > while benefiting from the reduced cost and wide availability of the Linux
      > operating system.
      > The release of IRIS Performer on Linux allows software developers to
      > leverage their investments in existing IRIX operating system-based
      > Performer simulations and databases while supporting emerging Linux
      > operating system-based systems, thus saving considerable time and money.
      > Layered on top of the industry-standard OpenGL� toolkit, IRIS Performer
      > 2.3 for Linux supports the OpenGL graphics library and will run on current
      > Intel� Pentium� systems as well as future IA-32 and IA-64
      > architecture-based systems. The software is provided at no cost via a
      > World Wide Web download, http://www.sgi.com/software/performer/linux.html.
      > The international software developer's community has responded to the
      > initial Beta Program release with overwhelming support, generating
      > approximately 11,000 downloads of the pre-released product.
      > "The Performer API provides a powerful, flexible base for application
      > development environments like MultiGen-Paradigm's Vega," said Elizabeth
      > Smith, Vice President of Engineering, MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc. "The porting
      > of Performer to Linux offers a tremendous benefit to the industry by
      > opening these capabilities up to the full range of price-performance
      > solutions. We are excited about SGI's direction with Performer and Linux."
      > "This announcement builds upon our commitment to 3D graphics technology:
      > first OpenGL, then Performer, and now expansion of this technology to the
      > Linux world. " said Janet Matsuda, Director of Marketing, Visual Solutions
      > Business Unit, SGI. "Developers now have the freedom to build their
      > simulation applications with one industry-standard API, then deploy them
      > on a full range of systems, improving interoperability of systems and
      > portability of databases."
      > About IRIS Performer
      > IRIS Performer is a powerful and extensible programming interface for
      > creating real-time visual simulation and other interactive 3D graphics
      > applications. With over eight years of commercial implementation and
      > development, the software provides sophisticated multi-process and
      > multi-channel management and optimization on SGI(tm) platforms. It
      > dramatically simplifies development of complex applications such as visual
      > simulation, simulation-based design, interactive entertainment, CAD and
      > architectural walk-through and now provides portability between Linux
      > systems and SGI's range of high-end graphics systems.
      > About OpenGL
      > Originally developed by SGI, OpenGL is the industry standard API for
      > high-performance 3D graphics and visualization applications and is
      > licensed and available by every major computer graphics hardware vendor
      > for every computer operating system. A robust and mature 3D software
      > library that offers a broad range of rendering, texture mapping, special
      > effects, and other visualization functions, OpenGL is recognized as a
      > leading-edge 3D graphics API.
      > SGI provides a broad range of high-performance computing and advanced
      > graphics solutions that enable customers to understand and conquer their
      > toughest computing problems. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with
      > offices worldwide, the company is located on the Web at www.sgi.com
      > <http://www.sgi.com/>.
      > -end-
      > Silicon Graphics, OpenGL, and IRIX are registered trademarks, and SGI, the
      > SGI logo, IRIS Performer and Performer are trademarks of Silicon Graphics,
      > Inc. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks, and Xeon is a trademark
      > of Intel Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds in
      > the United States and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned
      > herein are the property of their respective owners.
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