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98Invitation to help plan ESR visit

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  • Dan Kegel
    Nov 10, 1999
      Here's a note from Clay Claiborne (Mr. LULA) to the LALUGS folks,
      inviting all the LUGS in helping plan a successful Eric S. Raymond
      visit Dec. 3rd & 4th.

      The main cost of ESR's visit will be the plane fare, I think.
      Join the mailing list Clay mentions to find out more.
      - Dan


      Eric Raymond has committed to come to Los Angeles on December 3rd and
      4th for a series of programs or presentation on Linux and the Open
      Source movement.

      While LULA requested this visit, we hope to make it an area wide event
      involving all the local area Linux users and groups. We would like your
      help and advise on event content, meeting locations and fund raising to
      defray the travel exspenses to get him here.


      No plans are cut in stone yet, but we tentatively hope for an evening
      meeting on Friday and a midday event on Saturday.


      We are investigating a number of locations now but are open to all


      We also have not finalized content and would enjoy your input on that

      Fund Raising:

      Eric only require us to cover his costs. He will speak for free. So LUG
      member have already contributed or pledged money to help fund this.
      Other have done things like sell Linux CD's to raise moeny for the
      trip,. But more is still needed and time is running out.

      We have setup a list at ESR-LA@onelist.com specifically for the
      planning of this visit. If you can help with these events or are
      interested, please join this list.


      Clay J. Claiborne, Jr., President

      Cosmos Engineering Company
      1550 South Dunsmuir Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90019

      (323) 930-2540 (323) 930-1393 Fax


      Email: cjc@...

      (The above is just my personal opinion; I don't speak for my employer,
      except on the occasional talk show.)
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