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882.2.13pre17 available - want to help test it?

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  • Dan Kegel
    Oct 12, 1999
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      Alan Cox has posted kernel 2.2.13pre17,
      which is the release candidate for the
      "rock solid" 2.2 kernel.
      (See http://lwn.net/daily/2.2.13pre17.html )
      It doesn't have the latest RAID patches (like Red Hat uses), but
      most everything else is up to date, I think.

      Those of you who have the opportunity and ability
      might want to download it from ftp.us.kernel.org
      and test it out. We have about a week to test it
      before Alan sends it to Linus to be blessed.
      This is your chance to find and complain about
      any bugs that will affect your system...

      - Dan

      (The above is my opinion alone, and not that of my employer)