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83LULA presents: Linux for Small Business at Digital Domain, Oct 14th

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  • Dan Kegel
    Oct 5, 1999
      A new SIG, "Linux for Small Business", aka smallbiz, is forming.
      The group focuses on how to make small businesses happy
      by installing Linux file, web, DNS, e-mail, and/or Internet sharing servers.
      Anyone who is installing or running Linux servers,
      or who wants to learn how, is welcome.
      Meetings are free.

      The first meeting will take place on October 14th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
      at Digital Domain in Santa Monica, and is free. The first meeting is
      limited to 30 people, so please reserve a seat by emailing
      Dan Kegel at dank@...; directions will be emailed to you.

      The agenda for the first meeting is
      1. Discuss one case study of a small business that wants Linux
      2. Demonstrate how to set up example servers with Linux, Apache, and

      If you have a computer you would like Linux, Apache, and Samba
      installed on, and don't care about its current hard drive contents,
      please let Dan know; we need several machines to demonstrate on.

      For more info, visit http://www.lalugs.org/smallbiz/

      - Dan

      (The above is my opinion alone, and not that of my employer)