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62Re: PC Week: "Linux deserves a place in your server room"

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  • Erik Hovland
    Sep 20, 1999
      > PC Week says Linux is ready to use for small businesses
      > for some things - but it has some weaknesses, namely
      > it's difficult to install, and it's difficult to administer
      > Samba. See
      > http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/stories/reviews/0,6755,2336257,00.html
      > Perhaps we could use that latter page as a guide to what
      > we need to teach people to improve Linux's penetration into
      > the machine room.

      I agree. We should take 'interesting' articles like this and use them to
      construct tutorials and demos that show how almost every point is wrong.
      A fair amount of that article is FUD. For example:
      "Sendmail is quite an undertaking to troubleshoot and configure properly,
      especially for a novice."

      First off the person writing the article says configuring M$ exchange is
      easy, I could drum up plenty of anecdotal evidence to the contrary. But
      sendmail out of the box on redhat works pretty well for the novice and needs
      no troubleshooting or configuring.

      "Linux lacks the elevator-seeking, caching, prefetch, and other techniques
      found in NetWare or Windows."

      Samba is the thing that supposedly doesn't have this stuff. But it does and has
      had it since 1.9.x. Maybe not all the bells and whistles of netware but
      certainly oplocks and caching like NT has. I know, preaching to the choir.

      So getting something that proves all that wrong would be very helpful. Also it
      would be a great idea to add these demos and such to the installfest. Many
      of the people that strolled by our installfest didn't have a computer but they
      did want plenty of info on what linux could do.

      I offer to have a Samba 'booth' at this installfest coming up on 10/23 if
      anyone is interested in the help.


      Erik Hovland
      USC Linux User Group President
      GnuPG pulic key: http://sclug.usc.edu/~ehovland/ehovland.gpg
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