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534So Cal Linux Expo Early Registration Ending

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    Dec 29, 2004
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      Los Angeles, CA December 28, 2004

      If you're interested in Linux and Open source Software, the Southern
      California Linux Expo (SCALE) is for you. There are seminars by well-known
      speakers, tutorials for beginners, and both vendor booths and non-
      commercial booths.

      If you think you'd like to attend SCALE, don't delay; early registration
      with discount admission ends December 31st!!

      Simi Conejo LUG -> SCLUG
      San Fernando Valley LUG -> SFVLG
      Linux Users of LA -> LULA
      Kernel Panic LUG -> KPLUG
      Cerritos LUG -> CERLG
      UCLA LUG -> UCLA
      San Gabriel Valley LUG -> SGVLG
      Orange County LUG -> OCLUG
      LILAX -> LILAX
      Santa Barbara LUG -> SBLUG

      These speakers have been added to the roster:

      Ted Gould - Inkscape
      Jeffrey Bianchine - author of Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL

      These sponsors are newly signed with the Linux Expo:
      Barracuda Networks - Basic Sponsor
      Petta Technology - Basic Sponsor
      ObjectWeb - Media Sponsor
      New Avenue Systems - Basic Sponsor
      LinuxLookup.com - Media Sponsor
      21st Century Software - Basic Sponsor

      Do you have a GPG or PGP security key? You can expand your web of trust
      at the SCALE 3X Key Signing party. If you'd like to participate, you
      should bring at least one legible copy of your GPG / PGP key
      fingerprint. A picture ID is recommended, but not required. If you plan
      to participate, send your public key to keysigning@....

      SCALE 3X will be held February 12th and 13th, 2005, at the Los Angeles
      Convention Center. For more information or to register for SCALE, see

      Please feel free to pass this announcement along to other groups.
      Thank you!
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