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52Re: Idea (leaders of LUGs read, other disregard)

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  • Dan Kegel
    Sep 18, 1999
      "Gareth J. Greenaway" wrote:
      > > > Hi, intros first. I am Gareth J. Greenaway one of the leaders of the
      > > > SCLUG group. Second part, I need the email addresses of the people in
      > > > charge of the LALUGS, eg. UCLALUG, USCLUG, etc. (any I missed sorry).
      > > > This is not spam at all, I just need to contact the other leaders with a
      > > > proposal that ive come up with. ...
      > >
      > > Hi, Gareth. Er, this is about as close to a leadership group
      > > as you're going to conveniently get; if you want to get
      > > closer, you'll have to look up the "leader's" email
      > > addresses yourself, I'm afraid. ...
      > Well what im really looking for, is someone from each group that makes
      > decisions for the group and can be a ambassador of sorts for the other
      > groups.

      We're all ambassadors here. Air the idea here, or email people
      individually, but don't ask us to provide the email addresses
      of the 'leaders'.
      - Dan
      (The above is my opinion alone, and not that of my employer)
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