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495Re: [Planning] FoxPro on Linux speaker

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  • Dan Kegel
    Apr 21, 2003
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      Kevin Cohen wrote:
      > I'm sorry I didn't write this earlier.
      > David Morgan is scheduled to present on May 20th.
      > He is going to present on VPN's
      > Ip-over-ip
      > Ppp-over-ssh
      > Cipe
      > Ipsec/freeswan
      > We scheduled this over a month ago, and he has organized to get all the
      > computers to show this presentation.

      Oh, ok.

      > Can we do the fox pro presentation another time?

      He has those fixed days he'll be in town, though I suppose
      he might also be in town again in months to come.
      Maybe we should start discussing this with other LUGs
      and see if maybe a joint special event is in order,
      or if one of the other LUGs can use him as a speaker
      at their normal meeting. I guess I'll cc lalugs so the other LUGs
      know LULA isn't claiming him for their regular speaker next month.

      Here's a better URL on the controversy he got mixed up in:
      - Dan

      Dan Kegel