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486Re: [Lula] Want to help maintain lalugs.org?

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  • Dan Kegel
    Mar 10, 2003
      Peter Benjamin wrote:
      > I plan on using a similar design to the homemade one I found
      > online. Some dowels, tape and Velcro to mount each keyboard
      > angled in the air and fully adjustable for angles and separation.
      > Then no more angled wrists to my forearms or strange wrist
      > angles up or down. Just put my arms/wrists/fingers where
      > they feel comfortable and position the keyboards right there
      > and start typing. I hope it works. Well I know it will give
      > me more relief than the keyboard I'm using now.

      Do let us know!

      > Anyone else have custom solutions I could look at? Try?

      No, but I'm fairly happy with my datahand (http://www.datahand.com).

      > I'm looking at single hand chording keyboards as well.
      > I here I should be able to double my speed on that.

      Big red flag. I tried the BAT ten years ago, and found
      chording INCREASED wrist irritation. Avoid chording keyboards!

      > I'm going to eventually get separate keys for each finger
      > and position them in modelling clay, then bake the clay.

      That's what the datahand is like, kind of.
      Drawback is that it's quite expensive.
      - Dan

      Dan Kegel
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