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485RSI (was: [Lula] Want to help maintain lalugs.org?)

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  • Martin Baehr
    Mar 10 12:36 PM
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      On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 12:04:34PM -0800, Peter Benjamin wrote:
      > >my wrists are flaring up, so I have to drop offline
      > >for a while.
      > I too have wrists flare up.
      > I'm a big person, broad across the shoulders and all the retail
      > versions are too narrow and I need more separation between the
      > left and right hand keyboards.

      not being a big person, i had some success with a keybord with an
      adjustable angle. but doing system administration makes it hard to carry
      your own keyboard from machine to machine. or typing on notebooks...

      "fortunately" though i can't even type 5 minutes the way you are
      supposed to type. wrists hurt immideately so i never tried to
      overcome that and instead settled with using only the indexfingers and
      thumbs to type.

      typing speed does not really seem to suffer from that. on the contrary,
      since i am out of practice with the adjustable keyboard, that is now so
      much slower that i don't bother anymore.

      another interesting thing may be mouse usage.
      i configured Window Maker to switch focus and bring windows forward by
      just moving the mouse without needing to click.
      the advantage i believe this gives is that you can just give the mouse a
      kick to switch windows and don't need to stress your wrist (or whatever
      is being stressed at that point :-) by clicking.

      greetings, martin.
      interested in doing pike programming, sTeam/caudium/pike/roxen training,
      sTeam/caudium/roxen and/or unix system administration anywhere in the world.
      pike programmer working in europe csl-gmbh.net
      open-steam.org (www.archlab|(www|db).hb2).tuwien.ac.at
      unix bahai.or.at iaeste.(tuwien.ac|or).at
      systemadministrator (stuts|black.linux-m68k).org is.(schon.org|root.at)
      Martin Bähr http://www.iaeste.or.at/~mbaehr/