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476USCLUG: Meeting Tomorrow! (and room change)

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  • Phil Dibowitz
    Jan 22 1:23 PM
      NOTE THE NEW ROOM: 201 instead of 208.

      Topic: Bash
      Speaker: Dallas Legan
      Date and Time: January 23, 2003, 8-10 pm
      Location: USC, THH 201
      Cost: Free to members and general public
      Dallas Legan will be teaching us an intro to programming with the Bash
      shell - including scripting tricks for shell scripting gurus. Dallas
      will also point out differences between bash and ksh.

      Dallas has studied shell nearly every day for at least the past three
      years. To maximize his exposure to shell, he has not installed X on any
      UNIX computers he runs at home. His quote, "I assert that if it can be
      done with shell scripting, I can do it. If I can't, there is a serious

      Dallas Legan:
      I began seriously programming almost simultaneously on various
      mainframes (with emphasis on IBM 370), and the VIC-20, while working at
      Rockwell Int. on the Space Shuttle program. There I produced engineering
      support software and a few special tools when needed.

      Since leaving Rockwell, I've developed network management tools for a
      major metropolitin power utility, and am currently working toward some
      level of Cisco Certification at Compurep Associates. When not at my
      computer I'm usually reading or listening to music on a wide range of


      From the 110 Northbound
      Exit Adams
      Take a left onto Adams
      Take a left onto Figueroa (south)
      Pass Jefferson and turn right into Gate 3 Park in the parking structure
      to the left, there is a $6 charge

      From the 110 Southbound
      Exit Adams
      Go straight, you'll hit Figueroa, take a right (south)
      Pass Adams
      Pass Jefferson and turn right into Gate 3 Park in the parking structure
      to the left, there is a $6 charge

      After you park
      Once you've parked exit the parking structure the way you came in, and
      turn left (i.e. away from the gate). Walk along the path and you'll be
      walking toward three buildings. The one slightly to the left of the end
      of the path is VKC, it has red brick, and a tall tower on top of the
      building with a large golden globe on the top of the tower. On the right
      of VKC is SOS, it's very short, and to the right of that is a very tall
      building. Right behind these buildings is THH (Taper Hall of
      Humanities). This is the building you want. It's very long, and
      L-shaped. Towards the right is an overhand and some glass doors, go in
      there and and up the stairs. Room 201.

      USC Campus - http://www.usc.edu/assets/maps/upc_map.gif
      Map of the area around USC -