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469Re: [linux-forum] Re: [usclug-chat] Re: [Lula] Re: Red Hat coming to town Nov 12th - need auditorium

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  • Dan Kegel
    Oct 20, 2002
      kilroy wrote:
      > I'm working on getting the same room we had for Eric Raymond reserved
      > 3pm-6pm. The Southern California Linux Expo is keeping many of our lug
      > members busy over here since it is a lug heavy event. USCLUG can likely
      > get a room ...

      Great, thanks! Two changes:
      1. we don't need the hour setup beforehand (the LPBN interview will
      be at another site).
      2. I was reminded that it would be hard for many people to attend
      a 4PM event. (Also, the Red Hat guys expressed a mild preference
      for a later time slot.) If we have the informal part at 5 or 6PM, and
      the roundtable at 6 or 7 PM, we might get higher attendance.
      So my preference might be to reserve the room from 6PM to 8PM.
      What do others think?

      > but we need other lugs to do the leg work for the event since
      > we are spread thin.

      I have preliminary publicity up at http://www.lalugs.org, and Red Hat
      will have some up at http://www.redhat.com soon. Don't worry,
      we know you're all busy with SCALE.

      > It would be great if the Caltech guys continue pursuing a room in case we
      > can not come through with one.

      Indeed. We may also be able to get a place at CSU Dominguez Hills,
      but let's try for USC or Caltech first, those names might draw
      more people.

      - Dan
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