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451SCALE Update

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    Sep 28, 2002
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      Okay, a couple updates regarding the Linux Users Group at SCALE
      (Southern California Linux Expo). We are still offering booths to all
      the LUGs that want them with the option of showing off some cool stuff.

      I think I need to clarify that last part as there seems to have been
      some confusion about the "show cool stuff". This is not a formal time
      set presentation. It is very informal and would be the standard stuff
      you would see at other expos/conferences. A cool application or
      concept that someone can walk by and check out, ask questions, etc.
      Not a formal presention on how iptables works or the linux boot up
      process. If someone wants to do this, submit a paper for a talk.
      Please take a look at the current list of Sponsors to determine what
      applications/concepts that your LUG will show, if any, so there isnt an

      As far as admittance into the expo, for the LUGs that participate we
      are offering 2 (count them, 2) free passes for two (count them, two)
      people who will be working the booth throughout the day. These passes
      will _not_ include the buffet lunch, the tote bag, etc. The lunch will
      be available for purchase by those receiving these tickets.

      Please have a rep. from your LUG let me know:
      1) if your LUG is going to participate
      2) applications/concepts by Monday 30th of Sept.
      3) Who will be representing the LUG at the expo.

      Please note, showing applications/concepts are not a requirement for a booth.

      Thanks Guys. Any questions dont hestitate to email me.

      Gareth Greenaway
      SCALE Booth Chair
      Gareth J. Greenaway
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