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450Linux Weekly News Subscription Drive

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  • Dan Kegel
    Sep 27, 2002
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      As many of you know, Linux Weekly News (http://www.lwn.net) is
      one of the finest sources of Linux news and analysis on the web.
      Every week they offer concise, informative analyses of the most
      important happenings in the world of Linux, and their daily news
      feed is also very high quality and low noise.

      They recently realized their ad revenue wasn't cutting it,
      and announced they were shutting down. The community reacted
      by sending them enough donations to keep LWN going for another
      couple months, and LWN realized they might be able to make a
      go of it by offering subscriptions; the idea is to provide their
      weekly analysis to subscribers only for a week, then open it up
      to all.

      If you haven't read LWN, go try it now.
      If you like LWN and haven't subscribed yet, please do.
      If you maintain a popular web site, please post an ad
      urging people to go subscribe to LWN (see for example the text
      banner at the top of http://www.kegel.com/c10k.html
      or the news item at http://www.lalugs.org/#events ).
      If you subscribe to a Linux-related mailing list *that hasn't already
      mentioned this issue*, please mention it there.
      They only need another 2000 or so subscriptions to make a go of it.

      Dan Kegel