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445[orv@orvsplace.net: Saturday BBQ update]

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    Sep 12, 2002
      Please place this along to any mailing lists that the previous messages
      were sent to.


      ----- Forwarded message from Orv Beach <orv@...> -----

      Subject: Saturday BBQ update
      From: Orv Beach <orv@...>
      To: Gareth Greenaway <gareth@...>
      Date: 11 Sep 2002 22:48:00 -0700

      Gareth; please forward as appropriate.

      Based on the RSVP's I've gotten so far, all 7 of us will have a good
      time Saturday :-)

      Here's who's volunteered to bring what (or what I've volunteered them
      for): If you're coming and your name isn't on this list, drop me an
      email and let me know which item you'd like to bring. (and if I
      volunteered you for something, please confirm that you can bring it).

      Ice - 3 large bags - Josh Hyman
      Pepsi/Coke - 6 6 packs - Frank Moody (I already have Diet Coke &
      Chips (potato & tortilla) - Ron Golan (verify please, Ron; I think you
      volunteered for this)
      20 Oz cups (two 20 packs or so) - Grendel T. Troll
      Hamburger Buns (3 doz) - Jeff Carlson
      Hamburger Patties (3 doz)-
      Ketchup -
      pickle relish -
      forks (about 4 doz.) -
      plates (divided paper; 3-4 doz.) -
      dessert (any kind) -
      fruit? -
      ice cream? -

      I already have: spoons, knives, guacamole, salsa, bottled water,
      napkins, mayo, mustard, cheese for cheeseburgers.



      ----- End forwarded message -----

      "I'm a 21st century digital boy, I don't know how to live but i've got
      a lot of toys."
      Gareth J. Greenaway