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426OpenOffice/StarOffice update

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  • J. Lucha
    Jun 24, 2002
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      Hi all,

      I just thought I would relay some info we ran into while using
      the {open,star}office suites.

      1. If you open up a word document and the fonts look really bad, there
      is a good chance that you don't have the font installed on your system
      that the auther used when they created it. This is especially true
      under Linux. We discovered this when I opened a document, and thought
      the auther was nuts, but later when a coworker opened it using the
      Windows version, it looked fine. If I copied the fonts from his system
      and incorporated them into my font server, then the document looked
      fine. There are a set of fonts that most windows users have because it
      is available under Windows Update, or if you install a newer version of
      IE, called 'Core Web Fonts' or something like that. Microsoft actually
      provides them for free. Installing these fonts improved the appearance
      of several of the Word documents we receive from outside sources.

      2. This is a major annoyance. There is NO macro recorder. You can
      create macros, but you have to hand code using their StarBasic scripting
      language. Just what I wanted to do; spend time learning yet another

      That's it for now..I'll keep everyone posted.

      James Lucha
      E-Mail: jim@...

      "Linux: Because rebooting is for adding new hardware"