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396[Sclug] Meeting This Saturday

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    Oct 17 2:55 PM
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      Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:53:38 -0700
      To: Simi Conejo Linux Users Group <sclug@...>
      From: gareth@... (Gareth J. Greenaway)
      Subject: [Sclug] Meeting This Saturday
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      Okay for those of you that werent aware, despite what the web site says
      there is a SCLUG meeting this Saturday. Alexander Guy will be talking
      about OpenBSD.

      On another note, the SCLUG web site is in a state of brokenness at the
      moment so dont expect to see up to date information such as calendar
      events there.

      Gareth J. Greenaway
      SCLUG mailing list

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      Gareth J. Greenaway