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  • Erik Hovland
    Jul 27, 2001
      I am going to talk about something that is politically motivated and for which
      is not linux or unix related directly. If you don't want to read anymore, delete now.

      I think the DMCA has great bearing on free software and reverse engineering
      which effects all of us. But that is just my opinion.

      I think the DMCA is bad and I think Adobe is not off the hook for sicking the
      FBI on Sklyarov. Regardless of their new improved stance. You can make those
      decisions for yourself. There is a lot of media coverage about the whole issue,
      but to help out here are a few links:

      But regardless of your stance, Adobe has removed their complaint. Yet Sklyarov
      still sits in jail!

      I thought LA was decided off the radar with protests, so I did a little digging
      (two clicks total) and found this:

      And low and behold someone in the land of MPAA and RIAA is organizing a
      Feinstein love in on Monday 7/30. Details in this post:

      The post is from the very low volume mailing list. They are just getting
      organized there. If you are at all interested, join, join, join! Organize other
      protests. Tell your friends.

      If you feel this post is of any interest to others feel free to pass it along.


      Erik Hovland
      USC Linux User Group Member
      GnuPG public key: http://linux.usc.edu/~ehovland/ehovland.gpg