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351Presentations for Saturday, May 12, 2001

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    May 5, 2001
      Next Meeting: Overview of LDAP and
      C/C++ Code Development

      Description: During the morning session (10 AM to noon), Greg Ippolito gives
      an overview of LDAP on Linux. He'll give demos of the Netscape email client
      with an LDAP server and of the gq admin tool, discuss the LDAP object model
      and LDIF file, review LDAP configuration and pitfalls, and demo of an LDAP
      web front-end.

      Beginning at 12:30 PM, Vanetta Y. McMillan-Onwochei of Parasoft will discuss
      "Configuring the Software Development Process on Linux". This will include a
      discussion of why Linux is an ideal software development platform for C, C++,
      Java and other programming languages and how it can remove many of the
      obstacles typically associated with the development process. There will be a
      review of the many tools that Linux provides along with an in-depth discussion
      of software development under Linux.

      The sessions and membership to Linuxatlax.org are free of charge. Please pass this
      announcement on to other lists or program announcement areas that you feel appropriate.
      And please invite your colleagues!

      As always high-speed Internet access will be provided by our gracious hosts from
      eLinux.com, so feel free to bring along your PCs or Laptops. Much thanks and a
      round of applause for all their staff who contribute their time in setting up and
      supporting these sessions.

      best regards,