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350Re: [lalugs] Re: [Lilax] why you want to learn pike this sunday!

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  • Martin Baehr
    May 5, 2001

      participation looks very good.
      with at least 6 people this will be very exciting.

      the following people confirmed their participation:

      charlie blanchard
      david lawyer
      john wenger
      ron golan
      steve m bibayoff
      steve barnette

      the following people expressed interrest but didn't confirm after
      the date was set (or the confirmation got lost (i had some mail problems))

      christopher smith
      michael elkins
      shane chen

      did i forget anyone?
      if you are not on the list you are of course welcome anyways :-)

      greetings, martin.
      i am looking for a new job anywhere in the world, doing pike development
      and/or training and/or unix and roxen system administration.
      pike programmer On The Verge | www.hb2.tuwien.ac.at
      Los Angeles | db.hb2.tuwien.ac.at
      unix systemadministrator iaeste.or.at iaeste.tuwien.ac.at
      www.archlab.tuwien.ac.at black.linux-m68k.org
      Martin B"ahr stuts.org bahai.at mud.at is.schon.org
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