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35Re: SCLUG and [U]SCLUG

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  • Daniel Zahn
    Sep 2, 1999

      > So Simi-Conejo, since we just made up and are now differentiate by the U.
      > Will we see any of you at our coming installfest next week?

      I can't be sure if any of our members will come but as said earlier we
      have many from L.A area who might be interested.

      Do I got the date right though? Thursday? 9-9-99? Weekdays are bad for
      just about all of our members. Which is why we always meet on weekends.

      If it was Saturday it would be doable. Our next meeting is the 11th
      though. I never quite figured out where USC was so if the driving time
      wasn't excessive I could possibly do both.

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