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336why you want to learn pike?

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  • Martin Baehr
    Apr 25, 2001
      "because it's fun?"

      that's what hubbe, the author of pike said anyways.

      "it's like perl, but readable"
      "it's like java, but not as frustrating"
      "it's like C++, but usable"
      "it's like python, but faster"

      "it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's PIKE!"

      i'd like to invite you
      to an afternoon of exploring unknown terrain,
      to be introduced to a language with interresting features,
      unique qualities, and a long history,
      to learn why pike could be worth your while.

      you will get some hands on experience in using pike,
      take a look at tools and applications others have written,
      and meet some members of the pike user community.

      hubbe, the author of pike, will join us through roxenchat
      (a chatserver written in pike :-) to answer your questions.

      this event will take place at arsdigita in pasadena,
      (driving instructions will be available on
      http://pike.is.root.at/arsdigita/ )

      on may 6th 2001, from 12pm until we get hungry :-)

      please rsvp me if you plan to take part,
      or join us via http://community.roxen.com/chat/

      greetings, martin.
      ps: please pass this on to other lugs or lists that are appropriate.
      i am looking for a new job anywhere in the world, doing pike development
      and/or training and/or unix and roxen system administration.
      pike programmer On The Verge | www.hb2.tuwien.ac.at
      Los Angeles | db.hb2.tuwien.ac.at
      unix systemadministrator iaeste.or.at iaeste.tuwien.ac.at
      www.archlab.tuwien.ac.at black.linux-m68k.org
      Martin B"ahr stuts.org bahai.at mud.at is.schon.org
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