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335LUG Fest Updates!

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    Apr 8, 2001
      Okay folks, for those who havent been following LUG Fest IV will be
      happening on April 21st and 22nd. We have some excellant
      demonstrations lined up (http://www.lugfest.org/demonstrations.cgi) as
      well as some interesting talks (http://www.lugfest.org/speakers.cgi).
      There is a tentative talk schedule made up
      (http://www.lugfest.org/program/gen_talks.cgi) but this may or may not
      change, closer to the event it will be finallized.

      Also something new to this event will be having a key signing party for
      those of you with GPG keys. More information can be found at

      If would also be a great help if everyone can help me spread the word
      by forwarding this to any mailing list that you are on that this hasnt
      been sent to. Relevant mailing lists of course. Thanks guys and I
      hope to see everyone there.


      Gareth J. Greenaway