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32Re: SCLUG and [U]SCLUG

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  • Erik Hovland
    Sep 2 7:43 AM
      > > How about externally? Internally we would still like to use SCLUG. There
      > > are about 4 LUGs currently using the acronym SCLUG, so we were hoping that
      > > it wouldn't be a problem, but we are agreeable to some sort of compromise.
      > It's not a big deal to me. I'm more worried about people who get
      > confused when there is two groups in LA area with the same name. This is
      > why I suggested the name.

      OK, I will tell the rest of the members of the USC LUG that the official
      external acronym is [U]SCLUG. The square brackets are there like the
      optional set on a man page.

      Sound fair?


      Erik Hovland
      SC Linux User Group President
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