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31224 hour irc Linuxatlax

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Feb 26, 2001
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      If Home Depot can do so can we-

      Lilax chat is now open 24 hours a day - point your IRC client to
      linuxatlax.org or and join the #lilax channel.
      For example, in ircII, x-chat, or tkirc:

      /join #lilax

      If you have questions about IRC please see


      If you have X running, X-Chat is good client to use

      If you have some time please join in when you can to help others with
      questions etc... we'll make sure to log the sessions and hopefully create
      some method to search them as an additional information resource.

      If a few of the experts in the group can intermittently populate the
      server we can provide a real-time help service for the groups here
      in LA- and now we can have folks on the East coast join in given the new
      and improved hours of operation.

      Just connect then you can accomplish all sorts of things including
      executing scripts, sharing files and much more, in addition to plain old

      If you have any questions or thoughts about this please let me know.



      Ismet Kursunoglu