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307LUG Fest IV

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  • Gareth J. Greenaway
    Feb 6, 2001
      The Simi-Conejo Linux Users Group will be holding LUGFest IV on April 21st and
      22nd, 2001, in Simi Valley, California.

      A LUGFest is an opportunity for Linux users to demo Linux (or other Open
      Source operating systems), Linux applications, attend seminars, and BOF (Birds
      Of a Feather) sessions. Additionally, Linux vendors may participate and
      show off their wares.

      LUGFest III was held on October 28, 2000, and was a great success.
      (See http://www.sclug.org/members/notes.cgi?date=10-28-2000-LUGFest3).
      Approximately 350 Linux enthusiasts and a number of vendors attended over the
      course of the afternoon.

      We had people come from Orange County, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, the
      South Bay area, all points in between, and also from out-of-state. Many Linux
      vendors donated stuff for giveways and raffles. Vendors who came with their
      wares were VA Linux, SGI, LinuxCare, LinuxBoxen, Mandrake, Parasoft, VMware,
      Cobolt, LinuxSolve, Corel, Loki Games, Cosmo Engineering and Andern.org

      If you have a special skill with Linux or a Linux application, or if you're
      a Linux vendor who would like to show off his products, SCLUG would love
      to have you participate in LUGFest IV! SCLUG is also looking for speakers on
      Linux, Open Source, or other related subjects.

      Due to the continually growing attendance from LUGFest to LUGFest, we've
      changed the LUGFest to a two-afternoon event so more people can attend.

      For more info, to register for LFIV, or to volunteer to do a demo, contact
      gareth@..., or visit http://www.lugfest.org