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295[Fwd: Linux Administrators??]

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  • Dan Kegel
    Nov 10, 2000
      One of these days, we need to set up a job board!
      - Dan

      Micah Oliveira wrote:
      > Dan,
      > Hello, I was referred to you through the Linux User Group web page online.
      > I am a recruiter in Long Beach, CA. I am looking for a Linux Administrator with
      > at least 5 years experience for a position in Glendale, CA. Is this something
      > I can post online? I'm curious how to go about this. ...
      > Please give me a call at the number below or e-mail me with any
      > info you might have. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
      > Regards,
      > Micah Oliveira
      > California Technical Search
      > 115 Pine Avenue, Suite #410
      > Long Beach, CA 90802
      > (562) 624-9743
      > www.caltechsearch.com