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  • Gareth J. Greenaway
    May 4, 2000
      Okay I got some good ideas from everyone in regard to this event, they are
      below. The date for the event is May 27th and will start around 1pm. The
      format of it, is as follows. We will have tables setup around the Nortel
      cafeteria, a section for each topic. People can then move thru out the
      room to the various areas were the various topics will be
      discussed. There will not be demonstrations there, it is just
      discussions. I repeat, No demonstrations. That being said there will be
      one person for each topic that will act as the organizer, not the
      moderator but just someone to hang out at the table, etc. Any questions
      anyone has please let me know. Thanks guys.

      Current List of Topics
      Web Development Tools (web servers,scripting languages)
      Linux IDEs (integrated development enviroment)
      GUI programming (QT,GTK,FLTK,etc)
      Multmedia programming (graphics/sound)
      Linux Database solutions
      Graphics Manipulation
      Instant Messaging (AIM,ICQ)
      Linux on different architectures (Sparc,Alpha, ARM)

      Gareth J. Greenaway