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21Re: Linuxatlax - Linux Demo Day Sept 11

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Sep 1, 1999
      > Need some details, must have missed part of the thread on this topic - what,
      > and where. Will there be access to the web or will all be installed on a local

      Sorry. I have been trying as best I can to involve our LUG
      (http://www.linuxatlax.org) in the Linux Demo week
      So far I have

      1. Signed up the Lug on linuxdemo.org , this included a contact with me
      to obtain product for distribution from the various supporters (started
      to get some software this week)

      2. Secured our meeting place (El Segundo Library) for additional 2.5
      hours during our next meeting (Sept. 11th)- total time from 10am -> 5 pm

      El Segundo Public Library
      111 W Mariposa Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245
      (310) 322-4121

      3. Notified the members via the groups mail list (lilax@...)-
      there are many good individual efforts planned by several members for
      the event- including game and workstation / server demos.

      4. Created a flyer from a base (http://www.linuxdemo.org/docs/flyer.pdf)
      indicating the date, time and intention of the meeting and took 50
      copies to the library for distribution.

      5. Dan Kegel <dank@...> has joined the effort in helping
      our group to get this thing off the ground as well as coordinating the
      LA basin LUG's via
      http://www.lalugs.org/, the details of the mailing list for that are on
      the splash page there (at the bottom). Mr. Kegel has some great
      suggestions and advice.

      I have failed miserably in coordinating and advertising the day- but
      there appears to be some hope as there is increased interest in the last
      few days from our group members as well as the help of other LUG's in
      the area.

      There will not be access to the Internet at this event meeting place.

      > intranet etc., etc. Will an existing Minivend application suffice or do you
      > need a custom one written for the occasion? Will this be like manning a booth
      > or lecture/demo or what?

      There could be an intranet setup. I am bringing an extra K6-2/350 98 RAM
      SCSI II with a Buslogic adapter, Ether Express as well as CATV cabling,
      crimper and 16 port Hub (10MB).

      An existing Minivend application would be just fine- certainly seeing
      you install this and then use it on a local network would be a great
      thing for the demo day. So I would see you setting up one table in the
      library (there would be room for at least 8-10 such tables) as a
      e-commerce solutions demo using Minivend/Linux etc...in a very informal

      The library allows 100 folks in the meeting room so I don't think we'll
      run out of space. There is good lighting, ample power and overall the
      room is very nice.

      > Somebody referred to a brochure or something, is info available for perusal on
      > the web? If so, where.

      As mentioned above there is information at various sites. I have not
      edited the linuxatlax site. But will get to this.

      If any person reading this could help out by getting the word out
      (however you like) about the event as well as helping to demo Linux (as
      you like) during the event it would be most appreciated.

      Please cc lilax@... any of your ideas / plans / suggestions
      for the day.

      Thanks Mr. Blanchard for you help and offer I know we will all look
      forward to seeing your demo.