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200Job Opportunity (fwd)

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Apr 6, 2000
      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 15:50:27 -0800
      From: Robert S <roberts@...>
      To: ibk@...
      Subject: Job Opportunity

      Hello Ismet!

      I have left the City of Garden Grove and am now with a Linux based
      startup company. I am writing to you to ask if you know of anyone
      looking for a job with experience as a Linux Network Engineer.

      Duties would include:

      Server farm - clustering
      Stress Testing

      We have a Linux Admin, we are looking for someone with more experience
      that daily admin duties.

      Please let me know, how I might be able to reach your membership of
      Linux professionals.

      Robert Shingledecker, former IS Mgr of City of Garden Grove