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199Sat Samba/TurboLinux sessions

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Apr 5, 2000
      So far there are 50 who have RSVP'd for this Saturday's session
      (http://www.linuxatlax.org/meetings.html). I am most pleased at the
      interest generated thus far.

      The participants are from all over the LA basin, representing a broad
      mix in the telecom, ISP, software, web admin, educational, financial,
      network admin and many misc disciplines / sectors.

      And of course folks from our Lug as well as several others will be

      It is amazing yet predictable I guess when you get the word out to the
      interested parties- they do sign up! yeah! Thank you all who have helped
      in spreading the word about this seminar. With special thanks to Dan Kegel
      for adding this to the Lalugs site.


      Ismet Kursunoglu
      Direct 310 546 4320