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190JOHN TERPSTRA: Of the Original Samba Team Will Speak 8April2000 in LA

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    Apr 1, 2000
      John Terpstra, who was instrumental in forming the Samba Team, will
      be addressing Linuxatlax next Sat April 8th. John is the V.P.
      of Community Relations at TurboLinux. He will discuss the technical
      aspects of TurboCluster Server, Samba, and their relationship with the
      Open-Source Community. The session time has been extended from 10 am to 5

      We are most grateful to Mr. Henry Seaman from TurboLinux for making this
      presentation possible.

      As John is taking the trouble to fly all the way from Australia for this
      presentation it would be wonderful if we could create as large a turn out
      as our hall will hold (110 folks). Please, if it is possible, RSVP
      me if you plan to attend. More information on the meeting and directions
      to the library can be found at http://www.linuxatlax.org/meetings.html.

      And please do pass this information on to your colleagues and other
      mailing lists.

      thanks very much,

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