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170Caldera presentation March 7th at Granada Hills (near 118 & I-405)

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  • Dan Kegel
    Mar 2, 2000
      Anyone interested in an appearance by the Caldera "user group rep"
      at a mainstream computer user group might want to sit in on TUGNET's
      next meeting. Also, any LUG interested in snagging this guy for
      a meeting, now you know who he is :-)
      - Dan

      "Timothy B. Everingham" wrote:
      > As you probably know, Caldera Systems has contracted out its user group
      > relations program to User Group Relations, which also has the contract to
      > do the PowerQuest user group program. The head of User Group Relations,
      > Gene Barlow, will be making a presentation next Tuesday night before an
      > Association of Personal Computer User Groups member group, The User Group
      > Network(TUGNET). He will be showing Caldera's Open Linux 2.3 along with
      > some PowerQuest products. I think it would be good for all of the LA Area
      > LUGs to at least send a rep to this meeting to meet Gene; and thereby,
      > produce a point of contact for the LUGs. Details on the meeting are at
      > TUGNET's website<http://www.tugnet.org/>. I have already posted a notice of
      > the meeting to Route 66 LUG's and San Gabriel Valley LUG's Listserves.
      > Other LUGs way wish to have notices posted on their listserves too to alert
      > their members to this opportunity.
      > ...
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