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165USCLUG Linux3D/Games Symposium

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  • Erik Hovland
    Feb 18, 2000
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      Just a short note to announce an upcoming event for the USCLUG next

      The USCLUG is proud to host a symposium on the emerging capabilities
      of Linux as a 3D and gaming platform. This one night event will
      feature two of the leaders in these communities, Daryll Strauss and
      Loki Games.

      Quick info:
      When: 2000-02-24 @ 6:30pm
      Where: SAL-101, UPC campus
      o Daryll Strauss on Linux3D, DRI, 3Dfx drivers and anything else
      we can bug him about.
      o Loki Games on porting games to Linux, tools they have developed
      and opened up to the community to help in this process and how
      to get out your frustrations at work by fraggin' your boss on the
      Quake 3 server.

      To see a more verbose explanation see this page:


      Erik Hovland
      USC Linux User Group President
      GnuPG public key: http://sclug.usc.edu/~ehovland/ehovland.gpg

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