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163Simi Conejo Linux Users Group LUG Fest

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  • Gareth J. Greenaway
    Feb 12, 2000
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      The Simi-Conejo Linux Users Group proudly invites all Southern California
      Linux users and Linux Users Groups to participate in SCLUG's second annual
      LUGFest (aka LUGFest 1.0).

      Held in Simi Valley, California, a LUGFest is a "demofest" where Linux
      applications are demoed for all comers. There will also be mini-seminars
      on various Linux-related subjects. And, if --> you <-- have a Linux
      application you're particularly good at, feel free to volunteer to demo it
      at the LUGFest. You can sign up at http://lugfest.sclug.org/signups.cgi.
      Show off your skills! Impress your friends!

      This year's LUGFest has more demos and more sponsors than last year's, and
      will be even better!

      Help us publicize the LUGFest! Pass this email along! And if you know
      of a place where Linuxers or potential Linuxers hang out, please grab a
      copy of a LUGFest flier and post it there. They can be gotten at
      http://lugfest.sclug.org/lugfest-flyer/flyer.html or

      Help us make this Linux event a notable one!

      For more info, see http://lugfest.sclug.org We'll see you on the 18th of
      March! Happy Linuxing!