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149LUG Fest (explained)

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  • gareth@xxxxx.xxxx
    Jan 15, 2000
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      The LUG Fest is an event that I came up with around September of last
      year. The basic idea behind is that the local LUGs meet in a location
      (SCLUGs meeting place since we are the ones who host it) for
      demonstrations of Linux concepts, ideas, and cool stuff. The demos that
      are done are by anyone that has a particular intersted in a Linux
      application or concept. The demos will be run in an expo style, meaning
      that each demonstrator will have a booth (table) setup in the room and the
      spectators will wander around checking stuff out. Some demos will be run
      in scheduled times, since they will have quite a bit of information to
      present. The last LUG Fest went very well and this one should be even
      bigger and better. Some of the sponsors include, Red Hat, VA Linux,
      and Loki games. Loki will also be attending the event and showing
      off Quake 3 Arena. More information about the event and a current list
      of sponsors and demos can be found at the web site,

      Gareth J. Greenaway