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123Re: Linux Presentation Request

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  • Dan Kegel
    Dec 14, 1999
      OK, let's do a basic Linux / Star Office / Corel etc. presentation.
      If nobody else wants to do it, I can handle it.
      We'll put a link up at http://www.lalugs.org describing the event
      in a couple days.
      - Dan

      "Timothy B. Everingham" wrote:
      > This morning I found out that the Los Angeles Computer
      > Society<http://lacspc.org/> needs a presentation for January 11. The meet
      > in Westchester. I called up their Vice President, who is in charge of
      > programs, and suggested a presentation by the greater Los Angeles Linux
      > user group community on Linux. He liked the idea and told me to go ahead
      > and contact you about it. This is a chance for Linux advocacy. The VP's
      > name is Charlie Semple. His phone number is (310) 398-5052 and email
      > address is "csemple@...". His UG's main December meeting is
      > tonight. As such, it would be good for you to call him to right away
      > because if you two think it is probable the presentation will happen, he
      > could announce it tonight.
      > Timothy Everingham teveringham@... Azusa, California, USA
      > Member, Board of User Group Advisors-
      > Association of Personal Computer User Groups<http://www.apcug.org>
      > Immediate Past President, San Diego Computer Society<http://www.sdcs.org>
      > Personal Website: <http://home.earthlink.net/~teveringham/>

      (The above is just my personal opinion; I don't speak for my employer,
      except on the occasional talk show.)
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