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103LUG Fest!

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  • Gareth J. Greenaway
    Nov 24, 1999
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      Just thought i'd let everyone know that the next LUG Fest has been planned
      (well the date has been set anyways) nothing is really ready but the date
      for it will be March 18th, 2000. More info to follow. Someone from
      each group might wanna post something to each group about it so we can
      get signups earlier. The last LUG Fest (for those that didnt attend) went
      really well and although there werent as many people as I expected or
      hoped, I think everyone there had fun and learned alot, hopefully the next
      one will be even better!

      Also if anyone wanted to keep up with SCLUG activities, we now have a new
      calendar setup (http://www.sclug.org/calendar.cgi).

      Thanks everyone!

      Gareth J. Greenaway | gareth@...
      "Do you think you're God? God, Root, what is difference?"
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