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10Interest in e-commerce servers

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  • Dan Kegel
    Aug 26, 1999
      There seems to be a lot of interest in "e-commerce servers".

      I was just at a leadership meeting of the LA chapter of
      the AIP (Association of Internet Professionals), who
      are trying to get away from their recent mostly-business
      orientation and back a bit more towards a balance between
      business, creative, and technical. They seemed quite
      receptive towards the idea of an e-commerce-server installfest.

      The UCLA Extension guy got ahold of me, and is indeed interested
      in setting up an extension class on "How to do e-commerce with Linux".

      Now all we need to do is decide what in the heck an e-commerce
      server is :-)
      It probably needs SSL, a shopping cart, and a credit card processing
      system. I hear Minivend (http://www.minivend.com/) is GPL, and
      has those things. Anyone have experience with it or similar tools?

      - Dan

      (The above is my opinion alone, and not that of my employer)
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