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Fwd: [ndn-aim] Re: [D/L/N Advocacy] Protection of Ceremonies & Sacred Sites

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  • Jonell FoxBelly
    Alfred Bone Shirt wrote:To: Dakota_Lakota_Nakota_Advocacy@yahoogroups.com, Dakota_Lakota_Nakota_advocacy@yahoogroups.com, Black Hills
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      From: Alfred Bone Shirt
      Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 14:55:33 -0400
      Subject: [ndn-aim] Re: [D/L/N Advocacy] Protection of Ceremonies & Sacred Sites

      At 02:45 PM 7/10/2004 -0400, Alfred Bone Shirt wrote:
      >Protection of Ceremonies & Sacred Sites Meeting  ( Please Pass this info
      >far and wide)
      >August 7th & 8th,  2004   (forgot to put the year)
      >Green Grass, South Dakota,  Arvol Looking Horse residence
      >Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
      >Invitation to the Grass Roots Chiefs, Medicine People, Spiritual Leaders
      >and families, Youth. This is a meeting of concerns to revitalize and
      >continue to Protect and Preserve Our Sacred ceremonies, Sites and ways of
      >To Stop the Abuses
      >Akicita & Tokalas are urged to attend
      >NO Alcohol or Drugs
      >For more information contact;
      >Frances Zephier ( Yankton )   605-491-1053
      >Robin Bair  ( Ponca )   605-491-1053
      >Alfred Bone Shirt ( Sicangu )  605-747-4443
      >"You cannot destroy a people who has dreamed a dream such as ours"
      >Visit us at http://www.dlncoalition.org
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      >Moderators, Dakota_Lakota_Nakota_Advocacy
      >**It is a time for all to stand tall and strong in protection of our
      >lands, our beliefs, and our sacred spirituality. This is our way of life.
      >This is the dust that becomes our histories to our future generations. We
      >stand tall in support of our Treaties and Inherent rights.
      >End Ethnic Cleansing of our people, Now!**
      >This list was created In Honor of our Ancestors, our Elders, our
      >children....for our future!
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      RAPID CITY S.D. 57709

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