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Series 2012 Announcement

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      Series 2012 Announcement
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      Feb 2012 Announcements



      Be sure to check out our updated calendar of events.   We have a full line up of meetings with special guests, club trips to new destinations and tournaments

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      Dear Yahoo Groups Message Board,

      Here's what's coming up in Feb/Mar.


      Feb Club Meeting

      Tue Feb 28, 12

      Please note that our regularly scheduled club meeting date falls on Mardi Gras.  We have pushed back our meeting to the 4th Tuesday of the month, Feb 28.  Also be aware that Sat Feb 25 we will have a club outing. Stay tuned to the forum for meet up location.

      Meeting Agenda:

        • CPR Standings
        • Club Trip Details- Freshwater Recap
        • Tackle Tips Session- Swim Baits by Max and Luke
        • Yak Launch and Fishing location Session-
        • Reports
        • Open Topics
        • Product Spotlight
        • 2012 Series Details, Changes and Release Notes- Marsh Madness March 24


          Marsh Madness

          Sat Mar 24, 12

          cajun kayak angler series_sm

          Marsh Madness sponsored by Pack & Paddle is taking place Sat Mar 24 in Cocodrie, LA.   The event includes an on-water shotgun launch from the CocoMarina and a 5 Redfish format.  Public is welcome to participate & win cash prizes. Members receive points for the series. Lodging options include Sportsmans' Paradise or at CocoMarina. Be aware the CocoMarina Restaurant will be closed and Sportmans will be open.  Optional dinner Fri PM at Sportsman's.


          • Shotgun Launch - Mandatory Check-In at Launch
          • 5 Redfish Stringer
          • Optional pre-Tournament Gathering Friday Nite at CocoMarina.
          • Optional Speckled Trout Calcutta- I Cash- due that morning
          • Friday night dinner at Sportsman's Paradise, 7:30 PM.
          •  REGISTER HERE

          Mandatory check-in between 5:30-6:45 AM
          at CocoMarina. It would be prudent to arrive early giving yourself ample time to sign-in, unload and launch without rushing. All participants must launch and wait in kayak near the launch.
            The blast-off will sound promptly at 7:00 AM.  Participants who miss the shotgun launch are disqualified.  Note: Tourney board reserves the right to delay launch due to weather, fog, etc.


          You can stay where the lauch/weigh-in is just be aware the restaurant is closed.  Sportsman's restaurant is open.
          Sportsman's Paradise
          & Restaurant
          6830 Louisiana 56  Chauvin, LA 70344-2611
          (985) 594-2414

          CocoMarina (Restaurant will be closed)
          106 Pier 56

          Chauvin, LA 70344



          1. All events follow the event rules below and the "Series Rules" hereIt is every participants responsibility to understand all rules.  
          2. Check-In: Mandatory check-in @ 5:45-6:45 AM at CocoMarina
          3. Shotgun Blastoff- 7 AM from CocoMarina
          4. Boundaries: as far as you can paddle from marina.  Use common sense
          5. Sign-In: 2 – 3 p.m.at CocoMarina 
          6. Weigh-In: 3 p.m.
          7. Legal Launch - Fishing Time: 7 a.m.- 3 p.m.  anglers may not pick-up and fish another location.
          8. Tackle: Artificial Baits Only
          9. Entry: $25 (+ $1 via Paypal) 
          10. Registration: Deadline is Sat Mar 24 at 6:45 a.m.   
          11. Pre-Tournament Meeting (optional): @ Mar 20 Club Meeting, Pack and Paddle, 6 pm or post ?'s on Forum.
          12. Legal Stringer: 5 Redfish 16" minimum to 27" maximum 
          13. Eligible fish: Redfish
          14. Payouts: $20 goes to Tournament Pot and $5 to Series Pot.  Payouts will be 1st = 50% / 2nd = 30 / 3rd = 20% (based on <40 anglers). >40 anglers pays top 5 @ the following percentages: 40 / 25 / 20 / 10 / 5.

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