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Tag Team Catch and Release Tournament

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  • lafayettekayakfishing@yahoo.com
    TagTeam Catch and Release ( http://lafayettekayakfishing.com/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=details&id=106:tagteam-catch-and-release )Sat Jan 14, 12 This
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      Tag Team Catch and Release Tournament

      TagTeam Catch and Release

      Sat Jan 14, 12

      This is the first ever Catch and Release and Team tournament for LKFC.  Names for partners will be drawn at Choupique launch prior to blastoff.  Teams must fish together (within 25 yards).  This is meant to be a fun event with a little competition!  This tournament is not part of the LKFC tournament series.


      Format & Details

      • Artificial baits only
      • $10 entry per person due upon arrival.  Winning team takes all!
      • Longest 5 fish stringer wins
      • Redfish must be 16" and no maximum for length.
      • Both anglers fish will be measured.  The top five for each team will be used for final length BUT a maximum of 3 Redfish per person will be allowed towards the final team length.
      • All fish handed over to be measured for tournament will be tagged and released!
      • Please keep your fish on a stringer until measered.  Greg and Jeff will travel around by Gheenoe and stop to measure fish if you have any on stringer.  Please flag us down if you have fish to be measured.  This will be our first attempt at something like this, so please bear with us on the process.
      • If you have a fish over 27", please call Greg or Jeff to come measure so you can continue to fish.  We want to stay within LDWF guidlines.

      Door prizes

      • First Redfish caught (must call Greg or Jeff when caught to be verified).
      • Longest Redfish Caught
      • Redfish with most spots (one side)
      • The door prizes are individual prizes!


      Jeff 337.298.4161

      Greg 337.654.1227

      Go to http://lafayettekayakfishing.com/index.php/calendar/details/106

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