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  • shrevefairtax
    Hi everyone, I know it is kind of far between with my updates, but I am still out here working for it. I hope you all are too. We got a lot of new people
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      Hi everyone,
      I know it is kind of far between with my updates, but I am still out here working for it. I hope  you all are too.
      We got a lot of new people signed up at the July 4th tea party, so let me start by welcoming them.
      If at any time you decide you don't want to be on this mailing list, just send me a note and I will remove you.
      OK...moving on.

      I spoke with Governor Jindal a couple weeks ago and reminded him of the FairTax and that he used to be in favor of it when he was in Congress. I also told him of how a LA state version would really help the state, show great leadership on his part, and give him a big boost if he really does have loftier goals ;)
      He seemed receptive, but he is a politician! I need everyone to call or write him and reitterate this. Get the FairTax in his mind. His contact information is
      Below is a sample letter. You are welcome to use parts of it to set up your own contact (please don't just copy and paste) We need to let him know how Louisiana should set the standard for the rest of the country!
      Governor Jindal,
      First, let me thank you for your service to our state. I just wanted to make a suggestion as to how you could really lead Louisiana to greater prosperity by making it a very business and individual friendly place to be.
      I know that when you were in Congress, you were in support of H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act.
      I want you to continue that support, but also look at it as a very viable option for Louisiana.
      The FairTax is designed to be revenue neutral and would simply replace all income based taxes with a simple, visible, and less intrusive consumption tax.
      Instead of having to give giant "tax incentives" to get the movie industry to come, or have to shell out big bucks for "economic development" to bring in a processing plant, ALL companies would flock here with the incentive of NO corporate tax burden. People would move here instead of Florida or Texas with NO personal income tax.
      Louisiana would see economic growth beyond its wildest imagination.
      I don't want you to have to read all of the details or benefits here, this letter would be way too long, but please check out the Federal version at www.fairtax.org
      The Beacon Hill Institute has done all of the calculations for all of the states, so we would just need to find someone to write the Louisiana FairTax Bill.
      Michigan, with their dire economic troubles, and Kansas have already put their bills in writing and are seriously looking at it as a way out of the slump for their states.
      Please don't let them beat us to it. For far too long, Louisiana has been far behind the other 49. Please help make Louisiana a leader and look into the FairTax Act as a way to help do that.
      Again for more information on the FairTax and the Beacon Hill Institute study, please visit www.fairtax.org, or contact a Fair Tax leader in Louisiana, Douglas Opbroek (district director LA 04) ShreveFairTax@...  318-393-7783 and have a real sit down discussion to learn more.
      Pretty simple, yes? Just get it on his mind, so the next time I contact him he'll think "Oh Yeah, you're that guy, lets get together!"

      I know that the Health Care debate is on the fore front, but we need to let David Vitter know that we expect him to get on board. www.davidvitter.com We need support in the Senate. And if Charlie Melancon really wants to make a run for the Vitter's seat, let him know http://www.melancon.house.gov/

      I'm sure that some of you have at least heard about the 9/12 project's March on Washington next week (Saturday Sept. 12)
      Well, if plan on going to Washington, the Fair Tax Nation will be meeting on Friday, September 11. They have been invited to visit with several Congressmen, so they will actually be able to take the message into Capitol Hill!  I contemplated being there, but just can't swing it right now. If any of you will be in town, let me know and I will give you more information.

      There are many things going on right now that seem to overshadow the FairTax debate, but please don't get discouraged or stop working for it. I have faith that while it may not be the near future, we will get it done. America needs it!!!
      Send me a note once in a while to let me know what is happening out there. And don't forget, if you are in Louisiana and on Facebook...join our group.
      Until next time....
      Douglas Opbroek
      District Director (LA 04)
      Americans For Fair Taxation
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