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  • shrevefairtax
    Hello to all of you old FairTax supporters (and a couple new ones) It s been a while since I have written, but rest assured, I am still working to get this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2009
      Hello to all of you old FairTax supporters (and a couple new ones)
      It's been a while since I have written, but rest assured, I am still working to get this thing passed!
      The FairTax has been re-introduced into the 111th Congress. It was introduced into the House with 34 co-sponsors and currently has 49 including Rep. Rodney Alexander from Louisianas 5th district! . We would love to see it top 100.
      The House bill is still H.R. 25, but the Senate has a new number - S.296
      Congress has been busy working really hard to "stimulate" economy by having the government take over most of our lives and freedom.
      They need to know that the way to really get the ecomomy going is to enact the FairTax.
      I don't need to preach to the choir about the benefits of the FairTax, but I do need  you all to get out there and inform the public and your legislators.

      I'll start with Congressman John Fleming. I have to say that at the moment, I am quite disappointed with him on the FairTax. During his campaign, he made several promises to sign on as a cosponsor, but as of just a few minutes ago, he has not.
      I have emailed several times, visited his Shreveport office, and called his Washington office, but have not had a positive reply yet.
      I spoke to one of his aids on taxes in his Washington office last week and he promised to get back with me within 48 hours, but nothing yet...I emailed him last night, so we will see.
      I need all of you to write or call and let him know how important it is to sign on and promote this bill!
      Visit his web site - www.fleming.house.gov
      Call his office(s) - Shreveport - 318-798-2063, Leesville - 337-238- 0778, Wash. - 202-225-2777
      Email his tax guy, Ben Schultz. ben.schultz@...
      If any of you are free this evening, he will be having a town hall meeting at the Cedar Grove Branch Library - 8303 Line Ave, Shreveport - at 6:45. I will be there, first to thank him for voting no against the stimulus package, and second, to push him toward better support of the FairTax!
      Find me and say Hi if you can make it.
      I have written David Vitter - www.vitter.senate.gov and Mary Landrieu - www.landrieu.senate.gov
      but have heard nothing from them. We need support in the Senate also.

      Some other places you can visit to let the current administration know how much the FairTax would help jump start the economy and make him one of the greatest Presidents ever if he passes it are... www.whitehouse2.org or www.fairtax.org/obama

      For any of you bikers out there, (motorcycles that  is) there is an effort going on to bring public exposure. They are doing several rides across the country. If you have any interest, check out www.grassrootsfreedomride.com

      Let me know what is happening out there. Are  you handing out books, wearing your t-shirts?
      Have you informed your family and friends? The only way we can get things going is to get the word out to the public. The People must get behind this in order to get the politicians behind it.
      I know Grant is canvassing Mansfield and converting all of the roughnecks on the oil rigs, but what about Minden, Leesville, Frierson?
      Write letters to the editor of your newspapers, call talk shows, make conversation while standing in line at the grocery store.
      Do you know of a church group or rotary club that you could speak to?
      Of if you are not a speaker, just set something up and I will come out. George will be speaking at the West Shreveport Business Association on March 10. I will make it out to help him if I can.
      What are you doing? Keep me informed!
      We'll be getting geared up to make a showing at the Post Office again this April, 15, so put it on your calendar! More on that later.

      I appropriated this saying from one of the other District Directors out there because I love it, so you will hear it from me quite often now...
      1% MAKE it happen, 9% WATCH it happen, and 90% say, "Gee, when did that happen?"
      Let's be part of the 1%
      Pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in getting on our list. If you have a new email address or contact info, send it to me.
      Until next time,
      Douglas Opbroek
      District Director (LA 04)
      Americans For Fair Taxation
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