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Forbes Ignores Real Tax Reform

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  • Sam Wright
    GARY BURGER wrote: Editor: Steve Forbes support for Giuliani and his tax cut proposal fails to mention any real reform to the code. In fact,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2008
      "GARY BURGER" <gburger@...> wrote:
      Editor:  Steve Forbes support for Giuliani and his tax cut proposal
      fails to mention any real reform to the code.  In fact, this proposal,
      which has zero chance of passage, continues the current code in tact.
      Even if passed, it would be modified thousands of times in the next ten
      years, just as it has in the past.  We will still spend hundreds of
      billions keeping records, hiring tax professionals and filing forms, not
      to mention suffering the IRS tactics to collect.  The imbedded taxes in
      everything we buy and try to sell overseas continues.  Inflation caused
      gains in savings and investment will continue to be taxed.  In short,
      it's a complete waste of time.
      The only true tax reform proposal is the one championed by Mike
      Huckabee, the FairTax.  This proposal has far more support in Congress
      than any other proposal.  Its easy to see why.  The FairTax rids us of
      taxes on current income, including the 15.3% payroll taxes, business
      profits taxes, capital gains and death taxes.  It removes the imbedded
      taxes, estimated at 22%, in our goods and services.  Interest rates will
      drop and the economy will boom.
      But those in Congress who want to manipulate our economic behavior and
      expand government will be losers.  So will the 110,000 IRS employees and
      the 2 million tax professionals.  So will the criminals and cheats who
      now benefit from a system which favors them and punishes the honest,
      hard working guy. 
      The Founders knew the evils of taxing income and made it practically
      impossible to do so in the Constitution.  Then came the worst mistake in
      American history, the 16th Amendment.  Can anyone argue that this has
      not been a complete disaster and a lie to the American people?  We can
      return to the wisdom of the Founders.  We can unleash our economy.  We
      can return freedom and privacy to the people.  Its simple and fair, the
      Gary H. Burger
      Volunteer District Director,
       Americans for Fair Taxation
      Tempe, AZ

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