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Two days before the Coronation

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  • Catalina
    This was the day Queen Mary was to ride through London wiht her entrouge. Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, the Lady Catherine Grey, the Lady Mary Grey,
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      This was the day Queen Mary was to ride through London wiht her
      entrouge. Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, the Lady Catherine
      Grey, the Lady Mary Grey, Mistress Susan, who was the head of the
      Queen's household, the Duchess of Norfolk(old Elizabeth Stafford,
      wife to Thomas Howard, third Duke of Norfolk), and the Countess of
      Derby, along with the Dowager Duchess of Somerset rode among Queen
      Mary's train. Elizabeth Stafford, the Duchess of Norfolk could not
      believe that old Norfolk was released from the Tower. During his
      confinement, she spent most of her time with the Princess Mary at
      Kenninghall. The present Queen hath graciously allowed her to live
      there for Kenninghall hath become hers in 1547. King Henry hath given
      the Princess Mary Kenninghall. It was good that the Dowager Duchess
      of Richmond hath been good friends with Queen Mary. And what's more,
      she could not believe that she was Duchess of Norfolk again and that
      Kenninghall was hers once more. There is a God and Queen Katherine of
      Aragon hath won in the end. How glorious, thought old Elizabeth
      Stafford. Even in her extreme old age(she was in her eighties), she
      was beautiful and stately. She comes from a time long gone but she
      still remembers her brother, the Duke of Buckingham and how the axe
      took his life and she hath feared the same for her Norfolk. After all
      that they hath gone through together, they art now in their old age
      reunited and living together once more as husband and wife. Why,
      whence he returned to her, he plowed her like there was no tommorrow.
      If she hath been younger, she would hath for sure hath got with
      child. Thank God, those days art over. Now, she is a grandmother, to
      her dear dead Surrey's six children, among the children that her
      younger son, Thomas, Lord Binton hath with the Lady Marnie. How she
      hath mourned her son, Surrey, fool that he was. She hath told him
      over and over again that he would end up like his uncle Buckingham
      and so he did. But even though she hath so warned him, she still
      mourned, she cried into the night for her son, Henry. Henry's son by
      the Lady Frances de Vere, young Thomas would inherit Norfolk and he
      would be young whence he inherited. He was only fifteen. Norfolk was
      not going to last much longer, although how he lasted as long as he
      did, is beyond his wife's comprenestion. In the Tower for six years
      in his seventies, with gout, with a back so sore, he could barely
      stand, at times and yet he still served Queen Mary. So he would hath
      it. He would collapse and hath to be carried to Kenninghall before he
      stopped serving the Tudors, old Thomas Howard would. Anyway, it was a
      happy time for Katherine of Aragon's daughter hath become Queen but
      she would see the traitoress, Jane Grey. The Duchess of Norfolk
      looked at the Duchess of Suffolk as they travelled by Couch through
      the streets of London towards the Tower and held to tradition that
      the monarch about to be Crowned must reside in the Tower for two days
      before her Coronation. God, how smug, she was, thought old Elizabeth
      Stafford. Her daughter in the Tower, about to executed. It was
      Frances Brandon who put the poor girl there, who supported John
      Dudley in his quest to make his son's wife, Queen. The Duchess of
      Suffolk disgusted old Elizabeth Stafford but she would say nothing.
      She would smile and play the Courtier's game as she hath all her

      Finally they hath arrived at the Tower. The people were everywhere
      out there, screaming for Good Queen Mary and Queen Mary just lapping
      it all in. The Princess Elizabeth along with old Anne of Cleves were
      among the procession. All these people accompanied Queen Mary to her
      rooms and helped her undress that she may rest. Stephan Gardiner
      would be arriving later on.

      OOC: Candy, I am not finished with this post yet. So I do not want
      you to respond yet. I just wanted to post something for the time
      being so that you know that I am carrying it on. I have several
      things that need to be taken care of over the next few days. I should
      be back in about three or four days, so just hang tight, if you would
      be so good as to do so. Also, I have decided that I am going to play
      Elizabeth Stafford, Duchess of Norfolk. If the lady that plays
      Frances Brandon comes on, you may post the Duchess of Suffolk's
      thoughts to this post as well as the Lady Mary Grey, Candy and the
      Lady Catherine Grey, if Carly comes on. Thanks, Candy. See you soon.
      Take care.
    • carly1357
      Catherine Grey also heard that her sister was with child, and she was raging with curiosity about it.. she couldn t imagine what it would be like to have a
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        Catherine Grey also heard that her sister was with child, and she was raging with curiosity about it.. she couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a babe inside you.... or what it felt like when a man put it there.... she flushed and became warm.... if ever a maiden was ready and willing to go to the marriage bed, it was Catherine...

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        > > A messenger arrived form the tower. He held in his hand a letter from the doctor who did look at the lady Jane. He brought it to the queen timidly and then left. The letter contained the findings of his examination. And how he was almost sure that the lady Jane was with child.
        > >
        > Queen Mary was still at the banquet when this messanger arrived with this letter. She fingered it as she looked at the Duchess Elizabeth Stafford of Norfolk. She was sitting at her table, just finishing with the meal. The Duchess of Norfolk was on her left, the Lady Mary Grey was on her right. The Duchess of Suffolk was on the other side of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk and the Lady Catherine Grey was beside her. The Dowager Duchess of Somerset was on the other side of the Lady Mary Grey and beside her was Mistress Susan. Something told her not to open it, thought the Queen, but then she must. So she slowly did and she read its contents. Her eyes popped out of her head and she dropped the letter and gripped the table but she must retain her calm. She was Queen.
        > The Duchess of Norfolk and the Dowager Duchess of Somerset got up and both said, in usion, "Your Majesty!! Your Majesty!!
        > The Duchess of Norfolk continued, "What ails Your Majesty, I am right here."
        > Queen Mary smiled at Elizabeth Stafford, dear Elizabeth Stafford who hath been there for her mother, Queen Katherine of Aragon. She whispered into the Duchess of Norfolk's ears. "The Lady Jane Dudley is with child." The Queen did not wish to say it too loud for the Duchess of Suffolk was close by but the Lady Mary Grey heard.
        > The Duchess of Norfolk said, "She is." Oh my God, she thought, this is horrible. "Your Majesty, do you wish to retire?"
        > A part of her did wish to leave, thought Queen Mary but she was Queen and she was needed here. She did not want the Court to think that anything was amiss. She would stay a while longer and then, she would go to her rooms and think and pace and then she would order the Lieutant of the Tower to get those two ready that she may visit with them. It was certainly convienient that she herself was in the Tower as well as was the custom for the monarch to be before his or her Coronation.
        > TAG Lady Mary Grey, Duchess of Suffolk, Lady Catherine Grey
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